System Status

You want to know if your web page is up or down, right? Or whether that business critical application database is up and running or not? Maybe you want to see status of all combined services at once at the CEO office, or have a lamp for each continent of the world? Up to you.

  • Web page or other business critical system still up?
  • Positive trend on KPI this week?
  • Continuous Integration/Delivery for your dev team!
System Load

Systems perform differently under stress. You may take action if you know instantly something is under heavy load, or another action if it is cool and easy.

Why not make it obvious what the load of the system currently is?

  • Processing power in computation pool
  • Support tickets in queue
  • Deliveries to do this week

Events exist everywhere in computer systems. Why not make them visible? It will not only bring about a curiosity of what happened, but might actually be mission critical for your company to react quickly on the event.

  • Campaign page visited
  • New order received
  • Someone logged into the clients’ database server
  • Twitter is talking about your company

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