CILAMP Setup Guide

The WiFi setup instructions has moved to readthedocs.

Troubleshooting is still here though! Work-in-progress 🙂

  • A USB socket to plugin CILAMP to
  • Internet connected 2.4 GHz WiFi router

1. I cannot find CILAMP-A1B2C3 WiFi

Try refreshing your WiFi list, e.g. by turning off and then on WiFi on your device. Also, sometimes it takes up to 2 minutes for the SSID to show up at all. If you still cannot see it, try turning your lamp off/on by replugging the cable.

2. When I click the CILAMP-A1B2C3, my device says “Could not connect” (or similar)

Make sure you have connected your CILAMP to a well-powered USB-socket, e.g via a high-quality adapter plugged to the wall. USB-sockets in laptops and computers may give the lamp too little or unreliable power, causing unreliable network behaviour.

3. I don’t know what to type in System ID field

This is the key to controlling your lamp. It is what you put in the end of the API URL to set the color of the lamp. Note: you can set several lamps to have the same System ID, that way all of them will be showing the same color. It may contain any letter or number, minus and underscore and be 1 to 80 characters long.

4. My CILAMP pulses green/blue

This means it is not connected. Here are some possible causes:

  1. Invalid WiFi router credentials on lamp. Try re-entering the credentials (step 4 in the guide) making sure you pay close attention to upper- and lowercase letters in both WiFi name and WiFi password field.
  2. Port 4040 isn’t open. The CILAMP communicates with CILAMPs backend server through port 4040 and there might be a firewall on the router, or elsewhere, that physically blocks that port. Try getting the virtual CILAMP running on your computer – if you can get that running, then the port is not blocked.
  3. WiFi router isn’t reaching internet. Try connecting to the WiFi router with your mobile phone, and see if you can reach e.g. YouTube.
  4. WiFi router too far away from lamp. Try moving the lamp closer to router and see if it helps.
  5. Trying to connect to 5.0 GHz WiFi SSID. Make sure you are connecting to 2.4 GHz band WiFi SSID. 5.0 GHz band SSIDs are not supported. Sometimes, the SSID end with “-5G” or similar if they are 5.0 GHz band SSIDs.

5. My CILAMP stutters

Make sure you are using a reliable power source. Apple, Samsung and IKEA chargers give reliable current. This will likely solve the stuttering issue. Contact us if you have any questions.

6. My CILAMP shows wrong color

The exact color of a CILAMP is uncalibrated, so don’t expect 100% match with the color you specify. Instead, play around to find colors you like. You can use the test page for that purpose.